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Hand knitting

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For all knitters

For all knitters

Hints and Tips

Hints and tips for machine knitters
For machine knitters

Hints and tips for hand knitters
For hand knitters

Hints and tips for all knitters

* Useful Charts and Calculators *

Charts and Guides
Free metric conversion charts, sizing guides etc.

Triangle Calculator
Free calculator help you work out the best stitch/row combination for your partial knitting

The Magic Formula
Free calculator to work out even increases or decreases in your knitting

* Knitting Techniques *

The Tension Square
The absolute secret to a perfect fit

Estimating Yarn Quantities
Just how much yarn do you need to complete that special project?

Blocking and Pressing
The most important part of your knitting?

* Designing your own knitwear *

First steps to designing your own knitwear

* Decorating your Knitting *

Swiss Darning
Sometimes called 'Duplicate Stitch', try this technique to liven up your knitting

Will the yarn you choose for felting actually felt?

* Unusual Knitting *

Unusual Knitting
Drive a knitted car!

* Knitting Ebooks *

Electronic books about knitting
'Must-have' knitting ebooks to buy and download instantly
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