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eBook - Pattern Conversion Secrets for Knitters

... with no mathematics!

Whether you're a hand or machine knitter, this book is exactly what you need to be able to adapt any knitting pattern to the yarn and tension of your choice.

You don't need a calculator and there are no mathematics involved - just select the Tension Table that matches your tension and the conversion from one tension to another becomes so simple to complete.

* Save money

No need to buy more yarn for your knitting projects.

Use up all your spare yarn and knit your favourite garments at the same time - the perfect way to indulge in your hobby!

Pattern Conversion Secrets will pay for itself time after time

* No mathematics needed

Step-by-step guides show you an easy way to convert any knitting pattern (hand or machine), so you can knit it in the yarn of your choice.

You don't need a caculator and you don't need mathematics - just read the figures straight from the Tension Tables

* Amaze your friends

Use this easy-to-understand method to write your own, totally unique, 'designer' knitwear patterns whenever you want.

Explore the possibilities - it's adaptable for so many different garments

* Hand or machine knitting

Pattern Conversion Secrets is so flexible that it works for both hand knitters and machine knitters.

What's inside?

Knitting a tension swatch 7 'Must Know' facts about tension squares

Creating a garment block Learn how to draw a garment block from any of your favourite knitting patterns, using the Tension Tables

Garment block to knitting pattern Learn how to convert your garment block into a knittable pattern, in whatever yarn and tension you choose - without using mathematics or a calculator

Knitters tension tables Choose your tension from over 100 different Tension Tables - suitable for fine yarns right through to chunky ones

Calculate increases and decreases Learn how to apply a 'Magic Formula' to achieve amazingly accurate shaping details

How to Buy

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The link will transfer you to PayPal to make your secure payment.

The book is in PDF format, suitable for reading with Acrobat Reader.

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Pattern Conversion Secrets
for Knitters

(Suitable for hand and machine knitters)

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eBook (in pdf format)
Only £8.50 GBP
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Pattern Conversion Secrets for Knitters
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Pattern Conversion Secrets for Knitters

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