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Hand knitting

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For hand knitters

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Hints 'n' Tips

How to cast on (bind on) your knitting

Always start your knitting with a slip knot ...

Making a slip knot Hot Tip
If you tend to cast
on too tightly, try
casting on using
needles one or
two sizes larger
Slip knot on to needle

... then choose the cast on method best suited for your final application

Scroll down for cast on methods Choose a method

Single-loop method
(one needle)
A very light and loose cast on, suitable for lace and fine knitting. Very simple to do but it's more difficult to knit the first row after this cast on than any of the others.
Knit-stitch method
(two needles)
Gives a very loose edge so it can be used for lace or other stretchy patterns. If you need to, tighten up this cast on by knitting the first row into the back of the stitches.
Cable method
(two needles)
This gives a very strong elastic edge, suitable for fabrics other than lace. If this cast on needs tightening, knit the first row into the back of the stitches.

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