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Cuffs 'n' Welts
      (Designs for Hand Knitters)

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15 Ways to Avoid Boring Ribbed Edgings

When you’re knitting a sweater with an expensive or textured yarn, very often you have to keep the stitch structure plain and unadorned to show off the beauty of the yarn.

One way you can add a designer touch to a plain sweater is to knit the cuffs and welts in a decorative stitch structure.

These small areas will not distract from the effect of the yarn but will make your garment just that little more special.

You can use any of your favourite sweater patterns - just substitute a boring 1x1 or 2x2 ribbed edging with one of the designs from this book.

Each of the 15 designs is pictured in colour, together with detailed knitting instructions.

Use the designs, time after time, to create your own distinctive and unique garments.

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Cuffs 'n' Welts
Designs for Hand Knitters

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Cuff and Welt designs for hand knitting

Cuffs and Welts for Hand Knitting

Cuffs and Welts for Hand Knitting

Cuffs and Welts for Hand Knitters

Cuffs and Welts for Hand Knitters

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