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Everyone’s doing it. Celebrities are doing it. Kids are doing it. Teens are doing it. Even yuppies are doing it. What the heck are we talking about?


No longer a dirty word reserved for the elderly, knitting is fast becoming the hippest, hottest pastime around. 36% of American women know how to knit or crochet. Knitting grew more than 150% since 2002. And we’re not talking a bunch of grannies. The largest growing group? Women ages 25-34! And there are 6.5 million of them. How’s THAT for unconventional? The second fastest growing group? Senior Citizens? Heck no! It’s young ones aged 18 and under! There are 5.7 million of those! That’s a whole lot of yarn. And the pastime is showing no signs of stopping.

Forget the hokey doilies or the hideous toilet paper covers that your Grandma made for you. We’re not talking about that Birkenstock-wearing, hippie-esque hemp sweater-wearer or that hideous Christmas sweater that made Bridget Jones want to vomit. No, we’re talking high style, gorgeous fabrics and designs that you would see at Fred Segal or Barneys. Afghan throws to die for. But, it won’t cost you a fortune and you have the satisfaction of it being a one-of-a-kind (insert your name here) original.

So, now that you know this valuable information, how do you join the trendy set and learn how to knit?

The #1 knitting DVDs in the country, THE ART OF KNITTING DVD and THE ART OF KNITTING & CROCHET 2, is your answer to beginner and intermediate knitter’s paradise.

Join the fashionable group who have embraced this art. Everyone from Julia Roberts, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Swank, Daryl Hannah, Madonna, Winona Ryder, Goldie Hawn, Courtney Cox and many, many more.

Chock full of everything you need to know to begin knitting and making a hat, scarf or other pattern immediately, this DVD is the most user-friendly guide around. Even if you’re a Knit Wit or Knit-for-Brains, you can learn how to knit and begin in hours, not weeks.

This is no Ma-and-Pa, Granny on the Porch DVD. This is a modern, slick guide using the top experts around. Learn from Vogue Knitting’s Carla Scott; Knitter-to-the-stars Jennifer Wenger; hot, young swimwear designer Ashley Paige; J. Paul Getty Museum’s educator Zhenya Gershman; Crochet Guild of America President Nancy Brown; and best-selling author Bernadette Murphy, and others.

This is a soup to nuts experience, with everything from Step-by-Step instruction, how to select yarn and needles, over six different stitches to learn, increasing, decreasing and ripping and a full resource guide with books, events, magazines, yarn and craft stores and more.

The DVD goes beyond the ho-hum basics with interesting, informative dialogue and unusual topics like Color Theory, Zen Knitting and an insider’s look into two cool knitting groups in New York and Los Angeles. You’ll be so inspired to create a knitting group, you’ll be calling your friends, mixing up the cosmos in no time. Who says you can’t turn your “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives” nights into fun, hip knitting nights!

The benefits of knitting are immense. In a society of fast food, Made in China, mass-produced, Starbucks on every corner, more and more people are looking for a little meaning and something that sets them apart. The trend is individualism, not herd-mentality. By creating something with your own two hands, you are expressing yourself and creating a gift for yourself or a loved one that can’t be bought at the Gap.

It’s the same reason why Antiques are on the rise – people want something unique, to call their own.

According to trend predictor Faith Popcorn, "Smooth, shiny and uniform is now equated with crude and cheap, especially when compared with the individuality of hand crafted products. We are very hungry for things that have touched human hands. Handmade things with all their wonderful, charming imperfections have a very rare value. Any craft as applicable and pragmatic as knitting has a great future."

In every city, knitting classes and groups are popping up everywhere. It’s a great way to meet new friends and create commradery.

THE ART OF KNITTING and THE ART OF KNITTING & CROCHET 2 are the perfect guide when you’re at home and need help during your knitting.

You may think you remembered everything in class, but every knitter gets stuck and these DVDs can help you avoid a knitting disaster. It’s also the perfect tool for people who may want to learn how to knit in the comfort of their own home. For people who aren’t as mobile, such as senior citizens or women late in pregnancy. It’s also the ONLY DVD that has a complete index, so whatever you are looking for help with can be found at the touch of a button!

Knitting and crocheting also has great therapeutic qualities. Rather than sit like a couch potato in front of the TV, you can keep your mind and body active. This pastime has great meditative qualities, perfect escape from work stress, long commutes, or sitting at the dentist’s or DMV for hours. Just 30 minutes a day can bring incredible results. You may even decrease those therapist appointments!

Knitting is also stimulating and beneficial for students. At private Waldorf Schools throughout the United States, instructors teach knitting to their first-grade students as part of the curriculum. School administrators state that knitting teaches mathematics, concentration and improves dexterity. Many educators have also found that students are more receptive to all types of learning after knitting for a period of time.

Giving the gift of knitting is also such a special way to give someone an avenue to find a great new hobby and express themselves. Friend who is stuck in bed with a broken leg? Save her sanity by giving her THE ART OF KNITTING and THE ART OF KNITTING & CROCHET 2.

Got a grandma who has free time? She will love this. And any friend who is sick of the same old gifts year after year, these DVDs offer interest, excitement and something new. Start today and you could make a gorgeous scarf in less than a week!

Think tinkering with knitting needles is girly stuff? Well, don’t say that to Antonio Banderas, Isaac Mizrahi or David Arquette, who have all taken up this hobby and made it okay to knit away. Even Russell Crowe has been rumored to knit one, purl two. So don’t be shy. You could be making your own Meaters, Mocks, Mats and Marfs (these all being male versions of the originals) in no time. Think how astounded your girlfriend will be when you present her with an original Marf, made with your masculine, yet sensitive hands. She will think you’re a God. And you are.

THE ART OF KNITTING and THE ART OF KNITTING & CROCHET 2 are the #1 selling knitting DVDs and for good reason. Over three hours of information and instruction, done in an entertaining way with great speakers, these DVDs are sure to help existing knitters improve their craft and new knitters discover a creativity and hobby they might have never thought they would be able to master.

THE ART OF KNITTING and THE ART OF KNITTING & CROCHET 2 are $19.95 each and are available nationwide at Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics, A C Moore, Ben Franklin Stores, Craft Warehouse, Hancock Fabrics. For more information or to order online, go to www.TheArtOfKnitting.com.

Five percent of net proceeds from the sale of each DVD will be donated to the Children's Health Environmental Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of non-genetic childhood cancer and other environmentally-caused illnesses.

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