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Why knit a lining?

When you're knitting a garment with a design that has very long floats, it's sometimes easier to line all or a portion of it instead of using hook up or wrapping methods.

A lining also adds an extra layer of warmth.

The lining should be knitted using very fine yarn to avoid making the garment too bulky. A 2/30s acrylic or 1 ply yarn like Bramwell's Silky is ideal.

If the design is a single motif on the front of a sweater, only the front needs to be lined. If, for example, you've knitted a sweater for a child in a fairisle design, the sleeves could be lined to stop little fingers catching in the floats.

For those of us with sensitive skins, pure wool sweaters can be totally lined in this way.

Making the Lining

Note: Knit the lining before knitting the garment, as it makes it easier to put together.

Decide on the tension that you are going to use for the garment. Let's assume that it is T7 (Tension 7) and you're going to make a sweater with a single motif on the front.

Having determined the sizing and neck shaping, you can now knit your front lining.

Using waste yarn and the tension you are going to use for the main garment (e.g. T7), cast on the same number of stitches that you would for the main front. Knit a few rows in waste yarn then knit in the nylon cord.

Using the 1 ply yarn, knit the front lining by following your garment pattern stitch for stitch and row for row exactly (excluding the rib or hem), using waste yarn to finish at the shoulders and the neckline. Remove from the machine.

Start to knit the front of your garment. Complete the rib or hem to the pattern instructions.

With the wrong side of the lining to the wrong side of the main front, pick up the stitches from the bottom edge of the lining and place on the corresponding needles. Remove the nylon cord and waste yarn and continue knitting exactly as your pattern instructions, again removing shoulders and finishing the neckline with waste yarn.

Making Up

When the back and front of your garment are complete, replace the shoulder stitches from one side of the back on to the machine with the right side facing. Place the corresponding shoulder stitches of the main garment front on to the same needles with the wrong side facing. Place the corresponding shoulder stitches of the lining on to the same needles with the right side facing.

Bring the needles out to E (hold) position, and with the carriage set at normal, knit 1 row at main tension and 1 row at main tension+3 then latch off.

Pick up the stitches for the neckband. If you're knitting the neckband with the right side of the main garment towards you, don't forget to pick up the stitches on the lining first and then pick up the stitches from the main garment. Complete the neckband according to pattern. Join the remaining shoulder.

If you're knitting the sleeves of the garment downwards, again remember to pick up the edge of the lining first, before picking up the edge of the main garment.

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