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eBook - Creating 'Simple Lace' Designs

Lace is one of the most beautiful fabrics that can be created easily on a knitting machine

Unfortunately, when we want to design a lace pattern of our own, the construction of the punchcard often seems far too complicated to make it worthwhile.

Here is a concise but detailed book to help you achieve success with your lace designs every time - just follow the rules and work through the examples.

In no time at all, you'll be creating your own unique lace punchcards for your designer knitwear.

Inside the book, you'll find the answers to all your 'lace' questions, including:

  • What's the difference between simple and fashioned lace?

  • What are the rules for designing simple lace?

  • How does the lace carriage affect a lace punchcard?

  • How do I translate my design to a punchcard?

  • How do I sort out the knit carriage rows?

If you want to design lace and you knit with a single-bed punchcard or electronic machine (with separate lace carriage), this book will prove invaluable to you time after time.

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Creating 'Simple Lace' Designs
for your knitting machine

(Suitable for punchcard and electronic
single-bed knitting machines with
separate lace carriage)

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Ebook (in pdf format)
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Designing Simple Lace for knitting machines
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Designing Simple Lace for knitting machines

Designing Simple Lace in machine knitting

Designing Simple Lace for knitting machines

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